Recreating memories and watching them.


Technology has many uses. It helps improve our lifestyle in so many ways. We understand quicker. We have access to more information. Relevant information. We get better at learning. We work more efficient. We are more organized. It helps us track things. It helps us record things. Faster, quicker, better, more.

But, Sentiment isn’t something we can improve. We can’t increase the value of our memories. It’s something that we want to stay exactly the same, as we remembered it. Untarnished. Unaltered. The final version.

Memory is defined as how we continually recreate images from the past in our mind and alter the original imprint according to each recreation. Maybe the newest memory we have of a particular event is a lot more exaggerated or embellished than what really happened. But, it’s ours. And it’s priceless. It’s to commemorate, preserve and give tribute to something or someone. Technology won’t change it. It will just pull memories out of our brains and push it into some weird projector that visualizes what we were thinking or selectively thinking.

Stanford researchers are already reading the minds of…well….mice. “Ahem.” But, it’s a good start. I think once they transition their studies onto humans, soon enough we will be able to see them on a screen. How will this be marketed? I suppose they would first use it in the medical field. People in comas, sick, deaf, paranoid, paralyzed or suffer post traumatic stress disorders. People that need to really understand and see the thoughts of other people. Show a huge benefit and then promote it.

Once some powerful group of people finally declare this safe for the consumer public. I would obviously apply for a sales/consultant job, where companies would pay me high end bonuses and commissions to market this “chip,” device, lens or movie projector to old, rich, widowed women reflecting on their life. They most likely have a “movie room,” in their mansion or a state of the art entertainment center. So it would be easy to present the product. It would be a” plug n play” kind of technology that would integrate with their home technology. The women would wear some weird helmet and start by thinking of her most loving memories ( for say 30 minutes or more). She would literally have to recreate them right then and there. So there is a chance it could be changed and visualized in a different way if she was distracted. Way different than intended. When the session is over, she would then buy a disc or chip and insert into her home movie theatre and watch it in a continuous loop, maybe. Or, maybe just on her anniversary or during Christmas. She holds her wedding ring tightly and sees her thoughts from her wedding. She smiles and feels that same way from sixty years ago.

Maybe you as a bride, had a disastrous wedding and the photographs came out bad. But… you have a pretty good imagination. You could print them out from your thoughts. Maybe your a schizophrenic with bad hallucinations and your doctor sees what you see and can diagnose you better.

Maybe in a few years, I would work hard and get a promotion, where I switched from B2C sales to B2B, where I would market to big Cable networks, like DirecTV, Verizon, Comcast or RCN. After spending thousands of dollars, you could store all your memories within their Bundle package and digitally archive it and access in a similar manner as

You would have a whole library labeled: 1987-1990, 1990 to 1998. 2001 to the Present.

So although, I am a huge advocate of a bunch of Stanford researchers experimenting on mice to someday read the minds of humans, display it visually for doctors or other medical researchers to help millions of people…. I will wait impatiently for my dream sales job.

I think if this ever happened while I was alive, this would definitely burst the “social media’ bubble. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin… No one would care what anyone else was doing.

Do you think as we get older we will reject more technology that enables us to share and embrace the technology that influences/encourages us to keep to ourselves? Is Facebook the first step toward 100% narcissism?


12 thoughts on “Recreating memories and watching them.

  1. try to remember– general retrieval cues (just things that triggger the the memory), which kinda goes hand in hand with the 2 things above and other things. To learn more about this one, look up retrieval failure theory. check it out


  2. Technology is too much around us that I cannot think of what memories we might have that do not include facebook , iphones, etc. Nowadays, a 2 year kid already dabbles in modern technology.


  3. Let’s be honest. Don’t you think those memories are more forced or manufactured?
    How do today’s Facebook photos compare to your mother or father raising you as a child?


  4. I see lots of baby pictures on facebook, taken by parents, friends…..but how do those really compare to a soft blanket, a warm hand touching your forehead for a fever, a Christmas feeling when you see gifts under the tree? A warm home filled with oven baked food?

    I think as we get older we will reject more technology to do the sharing and embrace the technology that influences us to keep to ourselves? :))


  5. Yes, and thats because we’re increasingly self-obsessed. Most young kids
    do manufacture a personality that they control very carefully.Most of what they share is “selective.” …not “in the moment” or genuine at all. Most are about shallow images, friendships and attention… which is a huge factor to self esteem and repair their egos. you bring up a good point…will this ever transition to technology that won’t cater to ego….and will cater to real, genuine feelings that need to awaken from a time long, long ago.


  6. Thanks Paul. Maybe my next blog post/idea will be about how certain qualities connected with narcissism might be a good thing too? Does it prepare us to self promote, market, be more confident? I guess we all do it to a degree. But with Social Media….Sharing has become competitive.


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  8. interesting topic; i think you present some fascinating points. im only barely coming around to the whole facebook is really narcissistic bit but that’s such a true point. i would like to think that it will eventually mean coming full circle and coming back to what memories are really supposed to be and mean but yes if that does happen it will be a long time. technology is moving faster then the human brain can really process and so certain social norms, etiquette, etc., haven’t caught up to it yet – even laws haven’t caught up to it. so we shall see. good article. 🙂


  9. Thanks Stormy for stopping by. It has been a popular issue among other bloggers and analysts. I have certainly noticed LOTS of manufactured/ pre-meditated postings on Facebook shared between friends and family. We all do it. People confuse this with a real, genuine memories. I am still cautious and slow on how to write about this. It is highly personal, sensitive and almost confusing for most.I think we have become sharing robots, that care mainly what we share. If we are sharing manufactured, ego driven moments in our lives..moments..that are pre-planned and only to trigger response…ultimately what are we really sharing? And is it true moments to be shared? After realizing this.. maybe we can successfully differentiate and share what really matters.The few seconds that are impossible to be captured.

    You brought up a good point about laws: I tried to attempt to write about this here too. I had read somewhere that mourning parents that went to use their deceased child’s facebook accounts as a place to go to look at their photos..only to find out that their accounts were deleted. I may have failed to capture that. I am always rambling.
    Thanks again.


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