Mark Cuban says Follow Your Effort, Not Your Passion


I love Mark Cuban’s blog. He says, “Follow Your Passion” is easily the worst advice you could ever give or get, when comparing it to real “effort.” Of course, with his success, who could argue? But, I totally agree. Looking back at past efforts, I just wanted to achieve the goal and be the best at what I do. Maybe after I set out what I achieved, only then did I become passionate. My passion only grew when the goal was accomplished. I don’t think I am alone on this either.

Dilbert blogged recently that “passion” isn’t so much a cause of success as a result of success, and it grows as the success grows. Success can make anyone passionate about what they are doing. When the experts say we need passion to be successful, that’s mostly bullshit, he says. So, what are the main ingredients of success? I really hope others, like Dilbert or Cuban could really differentiate from the “self help guru” herd and make a difference. For example, Cuban is always praising his “good luck”, something that is never written or revealed.

Here are 3 tips that make the most sense to me. It has nothing to do with passion, positive thinking, meditation or magic and secrets.

1) Have a close friend hire or refer you for a better job than you could land in the open market. Ask for help. If they trust you, it will happen.

2) Become an expert in your field. Less analyzing, more action. Learn, learn, learn. Read and read more. Learn to say, ” I don’t know,” and find out answers quickly.

3) Talk to experts, upper management and let them critique you. Be open to this, no matter what. You need to learn how to compete and differentiate.

In the future, I would love to see all these self help gurus, go on a competitive, reality television show and fail miserably. Let’s see how much passion or charisma really come into play. When I was working for a mortgage lender, sales managers would always tell us to shy away from lending commercial money to “passionate” people.” The people that wanted to spend money creatively, try different things and show passion. What we were trained to do, was identify the people that woke up every day, went to work, worked hard and was all about the “daily grind,” and qualify them as commercial lending prospects.

When embarking on a new journey, what do you rely on? Would you say passion and charisma is a necessity or do these characteristics resonate most with people that have money that are looking for help?


4 thoughts on “Mark Cuban says Follow Your Effort, Not Your Passion

  1. Totally agree. Talk to people who are doing the job you’re after. There’s big difference between the career you think your chasing after and the day-to-day reality.


  2. Networking is just as important. You need that client base or support system of other local entrepreneurs or workers.


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