New morbid Facebook app called “If I Die” exists for when you don’t anymore: My short story behind it

I am a self confessed “wanna be” writer and blogger. I don’t claim to know more or know better. I do write on occasion. They are simply “attempts” to write something interesting, funny or unique. Anyways, I was writing a short story of a husband waiting for his beautiful wife to awake from a coma. The pain and waiting became so unbearable, he started drinking heavily. His addiction got worse and worse. He was passing out at the hospital, getting kicked out, losing his job etc. There are some humorous things in between. Then there’s the climax…..

Finally his wife awoke. But by then, he had gotten liver cancer and was slowly dying. She got repulsed by his appearance. He looked pale. His stomach and liver were bloated and he was losing it. Anyways, it got me thinking as to how dysfunctional, disturbing and chaotic he behaved when his wife awoke – that he used this simple Facebook app, ¬†videotaped himself in a stupor, cursing and hating God, yelling into his webcam on his computer at home….crying and screaming at his wife, as he’s holding a whiskey bottle. Even though, this is not how you would typically use this app, I assume thousands of sick people with access to this app will eventually use it in a similar way. Maybe it’s betrayal, regret, or simply to say good bye. Most importantly it’s to get the last word. And that’s the point. I have shared this short story with friends. They say it’s too dark and disturbing but is it a far fetch?

This is the creative inspiration I get from a simple app called “If I Die”. Thanks all.



4 thoughts on “New morbid Facebook app called “If I Die” exists for when you don’t anymore: My short story behind it

    1. Absolutely Ragburt. I had that in mind as I was writing it. Glad you stopped by friend. I just tweeted some of your street art photographs earlier. Loved em! :))


      1. nice, always fun to hear when minds are on the same page. and no problem buddy. i saw that you RT thanks so much, i appreciate it! they are great with photos with great messages.


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