Most people give bad advice: We are not meaningful or relevant…improving Quora.

Call me sappy, corny. I don’t care. I love the Rocky series. I had recently watched Rocky 6 and the movie is inspiring. This video was taken from Rocky 6 when Rocky is talking to his son about life. We all know someone like his son.

Maybe, we the advice givers give horrible advice. I mean, why do we go out of our way to share our life lessons and they go on only to dismiss it? What was missing? Why aren’t we effective?

This is what most people don’t understand. Just because we are accomplished or smart, doesn’t make us meaningful or relevant.

For example, some people want a successful life. Some people want a happy life. But, most of the time it comes down to fear or greed. No? Go to school or start from the bottom, learn what you want to do and apply for jobs accordingly and strive to be the best at what you do.  The happy life advice, takes a bit more listening and flexibility with whoever is giving the advice.  For instance, being happy: If someone is seeking how to be happy….   We give advice on what makes us happy. It’s not 100% effective and it’s annoying as hell. No?

Rocky’s speech was great, but it was easy to identify that his son needed a good kick in the pants. The key to it all was, that Rocky is experienced, but he was articulate and made his speech meaningful to his son in a very personal way.  When we engage people who seek resolution in their lives, we need to find out instantly if they are really seeking genuine value, venting or just seeking short term help.  Either way, we should be there. And we should be ready to give good advice regardless if they are at the start of their process.

I think Q&A websites like Quora and Focus are great for working professionals and business experts. It would make sense to have these websites track trending problems, similar to how Twitter displays trending topics. Our online profiles, will showcase WHY we are qualified to give advice in the first place. I would totally revamp the website accordingly:

Someone can post their problem in a specific category or use a specific hashtag to track progress. If their account remains idle and exceeds a time frame, their problem is deleted and put into the Recycling Bin. The point is to post for help and take action from new advice.

The new improved website would be geared toward working professionals transitioning into new jobs, homes, relationships or recreational activities. But the key is, it needs to be a “new” venture. If you are stuck in a dead end job that you have had for five years? Doesn’t count. If you are an unhappily married wife or husband? Doesn’t count. New advice helps new actions. Hopefully the popularity of the website will encourage  users to take action and adopt to new changes,  post a problem and readily seek digital help. Veterans of a specific topic are incentivized to win points or cash and then can share their new venture and seek help too. Obviously, I would need someone to work out the logistics. I don’t have the attention span.

Today, with so much information out there, will the future of bad advice finally decrease? And good people compete to showcase really good advice?  Do accomplished people says whatever the hell they want unless other accomplished people are there to witness it?   How many of you have opted to do online research instead of engaging a trusted friend or colleague?

Here is a way better blog on what I was actually trying to say: most-advice-is-useless


4 thoughts on “Most people give bad advice: We are not meaningful or relevant…improving Quora.

  1. Kyle-

    My experience in watching a lot of financial advisers, is they will do what the client tells them to do, even if it is perceived as stupid, arrogant or risky, just to keep the client. What I saw most advisers do is co-sign dysfunctionality and go to cash.It is because of emotions, instinct and perception biases, all from the media. Sometimes it’s nice to have a familiar voice in your ear 🙂


  2. The problem with stocks, real estate, insurance etc. Is that you have over 10,000 stocks, insurance packages, or mortgage loans to choose from. How do you know which is the best optin.Wel.. You have to deal with 10,000 consultants with different opinions. So it becomes just as challenging to get a qualified consultant to give you good advice, as it is to choose that stock or loan.


  3. I am sure this topic has been well played out. I needed an excuse to promote one of my favorite Rocky scenes….with a secondary intention to vent, promote an idea. Yo Adrian! 😦


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